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YAD CHERI'S STARTING POINT IS our fascination with hands

the hand is the most frequently symbolised part of the human body. we use our hands for almost everything, everyday. all the time.  we express ourselves with our hands: THEY ARE a tool, a symbol, a weapon or simply a thing of beauty.

the yad cheri online concept store celebrates these fascinating hands AND WE INVITE YOU TO EXPLORE OUR carefully curated & unique selection of products. 

we not only collaborate with existing ESTABLISHED brands but WE  also introduce new emerging talents eager to be discovered.

our aim is to offer our customers an ECLECTIC, FUN AND international selection.

the meaning behind the name yad cheri comes from hebrew <yad> the hand and <cheri> french for darling but also greek for the hand.


Coming from a multi-cultural background and having had the privilege of living in different countries, we believe in the strength of exchanges and learning from each other.

yad cheri's base is new york. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE THAN this CITY to illustrate VIBRANCY, cREATIVITY & DIVERSITY.

YAD CHERI - le concept store de la main  IS THE RESULT OF a EURO-CHIC VISION COMBINED WITH AMERICAN TALENT ILLUSTRATING THE HAND. we aspire to showcase Great designs from around the world.

Our love for the Hand is an opportunity to embrace the energy & the KNOW-HOW of the makers, the creators & the designers we have selected.

Creativity transcends borders.

Bienvenue chez yad cheri.



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