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Once a month Yad cheri will select an artist, a designer or a creator we collaborate with and highlight her or his work.


An adventurous spirit and a creative mind would be how to define Thomasine Barnekow. 

Born in Sweden, she later graduated from the prestigious Dutch Design Academy of Eindhoven, travels extensively and finally put her suitcase down in Paris, where she currently lives, works and creates.

In 2011, Thomasine launches her brand Thomasine Gloves. Quietly but meticulously, she branches out into couture designing gloves that have textile and shape woven together. She collaborates with fashion designers, Paris National Opera, glove houses, Luc Besson & private customers. It’s her dynamic understanding of how to balance function with embellishment that really sets her apart.

Her unexpected take on this leather accessory changes our perception of the glove : They become « soft jewelry » as she calls them. She uses extremely soft lambskin leather combined with material, twists and fastenings that showcases her technical understanding and attention to fine craftsmanship. Her gloves can be worn winter like summer and span both women & mens styles. Barnekow’s gloves are one half-wearable and one half a work of art.

Thomasine thrives on collaborations and partnerships, one of these early partnerships was with Belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck.

She found herself randomly sitting next to him on a train on her way to a textile fair outside Paris «I knew who he was of course, and I knew I had half an hour to get to know him before we arrived into town, so I said « hello » That is how it started. » A month later Barnekow received a personal email thanking her for a pleasant conversation and an invitation to collaborate on a series of gloves for his S/S 2012 Cloud *9 Collection. And that was the start of her professional journey. 

Her couture work has been presented in many international fashion exhibitions and her glove collections are regularly featured in international editorials such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cnn to name a few. Thomasine Barnekow recently exhibited at le Musée du Parfum in Paris, where a contemporary installation of perfumed gloves in collaboration with niche scents waS presented. This exhibit is currently showing in Seoul. 

2018 has begun brilliantly for Thomasine with a Beijing exhibition entitled Silk Story. Thomasine Barnekow gave a lecture to the Chinese and international participants on her design work. She was also interviewed in China News TV. She has been nominated Talent of Invention 2018 in Paris and will participate in the event Luxe & Création on January 30th. Her work will be featured in L’Officiel China & King Kong Magazine as well as Vogue Italia and in the Italian publication Crafts of Art and Design in the coming weeks.

Yad Cheri is very proud to have Thomasine’s amazing creations in its selection and to share with you this talented designer’s incredible journey.

Photograph of Thomasine Barnekow by Benjamin taguemount.

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Lovely ceramic artist Megan Burke began her passion project Tinyloud Creative Co. a little over a year ago. Ever since she can remember Megan has been drawing and her skill inspired her to study printmaking in College. However, it wasn’t until she took a two-day ceramics class that she felt she had found the right outlet for her creative endeavors.

 " Creating three dimension work is perfect for me because I can marry my love for drawing, patterning, and sculpting into a singular work of art "  explains Megan who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Evenings and weekends she runs her little ceramic studio where you can find her covered in clay as she spends her time creating and designing her lovely pieces. During the day she uses her fine arts & visual design background in her work as an associate UX designer. Despite her busy schedule, Megan likes to talk design and make art all day, every day. That's her passion.

The name Tinyloud was inspired by a poem she wrote using the cut-up technique and when it came to brand her company, these words came back to her. She hoped that her work and love for detail (tiny) would appeal & speak to people (loud)ly thus Tinyloud.

YAD CHERI was immediately attracted to Megan's interpretation of the hand and it was obvious that her lovely ceramic dishes should be part of our selection. We love her line drawings and bold contrasting colors that give texture to her creations, She always illustrated hands & eyes and those shapes naturally became some of the first imagery incorporated into her ceramic works. When asked why she was attracted to these themes, Megan says "I am drawn to the intimate yet universal appeal each has and how they create expression and feeling in any context." 

Megan's lovely hand shaped signature dishes decorated with words of wisdom such as Hope, Live Fast or Dazzle are part of YAD CHERI's unique selection and we are thrilled to present her work which will allow you to spread good vibes around you when you place these in your home.

Megan Burke is currently beginning to work on some larger pieces and a line of ceramic jewelry that we look forward to discovering.

Black Hand ceramic Trio
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Little words of wisdom ceramic dish
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Meet Anne De Vandière.jpg

as we were preparing yad cheri's launch and searching for our selection of products, we came across french photographer anne de vandière’s beautiful prints dedicated to hands.  we loved her approach of highlighting the hands of different persons and writing a few lines on each of her encounters. as we did more research we discovered that she too,  had a fascination with hands and focused much of her work on this subject.

we reached out to anne and  asked to meet with  her.  she accepted our proposal and several weeks later we caught up with her in paris. we were welcomed  in her charming studio located in a peaceful impasse at a stone’s throw from the busy hustle bustle of the arc de triomphe. it was rainy that day but once we reached her front door the sun made an apparition.   

facing us with her lovely smile anne began to tell us about the importance of the hand in her work and how it has always been a central theme. each of the photographs featured in the books she published was made to the rhythm of her random, exceptional or improbable encounters with people from all walks of life.

having ties to the world of fashion,  anne also came to photograph the « petites mains » or artisans and seamstress’s hands who work in some of the most emblematic french haute couture ateliers in paris.

from yves st laurent to chanel or christian lacroix, anne photographed methodically and with much beauty each set of hands working tirelessly to produce their magic away from the catwalk spotlights.

anne de vandière went on to speak about her most recent project entitled "tribes of the world"  where she decided to leave journalism and fashion behind to travel across the 5 continents and explore the world. during this time she met several tribes from far away regions and began to learn about them. the communication and the transmission of their know- how was expressed through their hands. anne's lens focused on hands once again. this time to give these tribes a voice and to help them touch  a wider public. she contributes still today to make us aware of the endangered lifestyles of these communities thanks to exhibitions that are organized around the world exposing her work. 

having shared with anne. our vision of yad cheri, we asked if she would agree to collaborate with us and bring her interpretation of the hand to our unique website. she smiled warmly and agreed to be on board instantly even adding :  

 « don’t know why no one ever thought of doing this before ! »