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Social Media made us become hand-focused

Instead of talking with our mouths, we’re creating vast and complicated visual and textual messages with finger taps and swipes. The use of images is changing. “A product on hand” will decidedly have a much higher engagement rate, likes, shares and comments from followers versus a lifestyle image.

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Ink Stains, Nicolas Ouchenir

Entirely self-taught, Nicolas Ouchenir came to calligraphy by chance. A little over 15 years ago, while working in an art gallery, he began to experiment with the art of lettering while handwriting invitations to clients. The individualized gesture such as a beautifully handwritten envelope helped make the occasion special and enticed people to want to come. He discovered his dream occupation and soon the aura of his elaborate writing caught the attention of the fashion world. 

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Pedro Friedeberg & His Hand Chair

Pietro Enrico Hoffman Landesman (as was his given name) or as he was later known as Pedro Friedeberg, was born in Italy in 1936 to German-Jewish parents. At the age of three, Pietro and his recently divorced mother fled Italy at the onset of the Second World War and settled in Mexico. 

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