A week of design, craftsmanship and hand-love!


Last March, Yad Cheri collaborated with the company Tick My Box for its first Pop up week celebrating design, craftsmanship and hands in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event took place in old garage converted to an Art gallery, Bahama Yellow and featured eleven international designers, showcasing their work and relationship to the hand.

“Here today, gone tomorrow” - So goes Tick My Box’s motto. Yad Cheri wanted to explore this innovative concept of commerce that offers an ephemeral universe highlighting the work of the creator while creating a link with the consumer.

An opportunity to offer an eclectic selection, an exchange, a moment to share.

Yad Cheri & Tick My Box created this event to promote luxury craftsmanship and creativity through the work of the designer, the craftsman, and the artist. The selection of products offered was exclusive and available only during the duration of the event.


A few lines about the designers featured at the event:

Philippe Cramer, a Swiss designer who, through his artistic vision, designs and produces a collection ranging from furniture, ceramics and jewelry creation. By collaborating with local artisans, Philippe Cramer creates handmade objects by combining industrial techniques and traditional noble materials.

Giobagnara, a family business from Genoa specialized in the manufacture of contemporary leather goods. Known for their know-how in luxury craftsmanship, Giobagnara excels in the refined creation of lifestyle articles.

Crizu with infinite patience and exceptional craftsmanship, Cristina and her daughter Anna fold and fold the pages of old books one by one in order to gradually transform them into paper sculptures.


Valentine Herrenschmidt, sculptor or calligrapher from Orleans, Valentine bends, twists and transforms between her hands, the brass thread to express poetic messages. Each word inspires him visually and little by little each text imposes a specific graphic construction.

Thomasine Barnekow is of Swedish origin and lives in the heart of the Marais, in Paris. She creates contemporary leather gloves. Thanks to her talent and creativity she managed to not only attract the attention of fashion designers and participate in many fashion shows but also to collaborate with productions both in the cinema and at the Paris Opera.

Catherine Schmeer, jeweler and graduated from the Decorative Arts of Geneva. She participates in many exhibitions including her studio in Geneva and Lausanne.

Custom and Color, Italian workshop consisting of artists who paint by hand on leather. Their know-how and the quality of their work make them produce beautiful creations that can be personalized on demand.

ECAL Made, the students finishing their Masters in Product Design are confronted to the stakes of the designer’s job. From the idea to the manufacture and the sale. Hugo Paternos will exhibit his chocolates with Chasselas. In order to produce this product, Hugo collaborated with a chocolate artisan from the canton of Vaud. This unique collaboration focuses on the relationship between designer design and craftsmanship achievement.