Ink Stains, Nicolas Ouchenir


Derived from the Greek words « beauty » and « writing », calligraphy is an ancient art. Expressing rhythm and harmony by placing elegantly shaped letters and symbols in a pleasing relationship. 

Materials, outlines and techniques may differ however the essence of a calligrapher’s style is his creativity. Today, Nicolas Ouchenir creates some of the most coveted invitations in the world for leading fashion and luxury brands. His work is in high demand because of his high and unique aestheticism.

Ouchenir’s talent lies in the way he gives life to the ink, gives it a soul. He transforms downstrokes and upstrokes into art. Calligraphy has become an extension of himself, a second language.


Entirely self-taught, Nicolas Ouchenir came to calligraphy by chance. A little over 15 years ago, while working in an art gallery, he began to experiment with the art of lettering while handwriting invitations to clients. The individualized gesture such as a beautifully handwritten envelope helped make the occasion special and enticed people to want to come. He discovered his dream occupation and soon the aura of his elaborate writing caught the attention of the fashion world. Nicolas Ouchenir is one of Paris’ most sought after artists today who’s clients include Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Dior or Cartier. He regularly pens the invitations of princesses, political figures and stars.


Even when he is not working, Nicolas Ouchenir writes. Similarly to an athlete, he trains daily. Know-how comes from practice. He writes everyday, he writes on vacation. He writes everywhere, on the floor, in the air, on skin, on paper, on water. He has notebooks everywhere. Nicolas comes from the world of dance, but today it is his handwriting that dances on the sheets of paper. 

The art of lettering by Nicolas Ouchenir | #VogueFollows | VOGUE PARIS