The Skilled One : D.A.R. Proyectos


To breathe life once again into the incomparable value of Andean traditions, D.A.R. Projects was founded in Northern Perú in 2016. Their goal is to connect forward-thinking markets with innovative, high-quality, crafted objects.

Acting as a bridge between artisanal communities and the design market, the D.A.R. team is creating a vertical craft supply chain that integrates design, empowerment and social innovation over the long term. Strengthening the creative and economic potential of the Andean people, using hands-on design thinking to connect with the modern world.


YADCHERI.COM is thrilled to contribute in bringing to light a brand that stays true to their commitment to create sustainable products and celebrates handmade objects. D.A.R. stands for Desarrollo Artesanal Rentable, which translates from Spanish to Sustainable Artisan Development.

The studio has received international recognition thanks to the German Design Award, the A-Design Award, Toronto Offsite Design Festival Juror's Choice Award, and several national awards for social innovation.

They collaborate with the 10 indigenous Peruvian communities to create achievable goals, meet basic economic needs, and create authentically sustainable processes. This deep sense of value is evident in the high quality of products created by D.A.R. Proyectos.

Stone Tic Tac Toe
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THE HAND: Innovative design practices that refresh Andean identity and traditions

Craftsmanship and methodology by master artisans imbues value into our daily environments. D.A.R. Proyectos truly delights our customers in translating Andean identity into contemporary home decor objects. The skill imbedded in the hands of indigenous communities in Peru are full of unique knowledge and insights, techniques and understandings, which are integrated within a collaborative design process. Redefining familiar products into contemporary objects of desire through local techniques, materials and iconography.

All objects are hand-carved from unique, exotic Andean materials. One best seller on YADCHERI,COM is the semi-precious stones from the Peruvian Andes. The two arms of the clip are carved from one piece, skillfully creating an artisanal laundry clip dreamy for capturing office notes, business cards, photos, more.