The Skilled One : D.A.R. Proyectos

Acting as a bridge between artisanal communities and the design market, the D.A.R. team is creating a vertical craft supply chain that integrates design, empowerment and social innovation over the long term. Strengthening the creative and economic potential of the Andean people, using hands-on design thinking to connect with the modern world.

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Nest & Rebecca van Bergen

Having grown up with a great-grandmother and grandmother who were quilters and sewers, Rebecca was drawn to craftsmanship as a means of self-expression and opportunity. Following her passion to turn craft, she quickly realized that the second largest employer of women globally was handcraft. Rebecca founded Nest at age 24, to correct the gender and income imbalance in our world.

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The Skilled One : Claus Porto

Based in Porto’s lush countryside - the soap company was founded in 1887 by two Germans, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schweider. They saw in Portugal an opportunity to set up a business that was flourishing in countries such as France. Having targeted a wealthy elite, accustomed to buying imported toiletry products, they founded the `Fabrica de productos chimicos Claus & Schweder’.

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Social Media made us become hand-focused

Instead of talking with our mouths, we’re creating vast and complicated visual and textual messages with finger taps and swipes. The use of images is changing. “A product on hand” will decidedly have a much higher engagement rate, likes, shares and comments from followers versus a lifestyle image.

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The Italians, the masters of the unspoken art

Some scholars argue that these iconic hand movements have been with the Italians for centuries, they were introduced by the Greeks who once colonized Southern Italy. In crowded southern Italian cities, there was a need for competition to call attention on oneself. The beauty of Italian hand gestures is also evident in how the countless different meanings can be constructed through creative use of the hands. It is more than speaking, it is expressing a feeling, an unspoken art.

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Ink Stains, Nicolas Ouchenir

Entirely self-taught, Nicolas Ouchenir came to calligraphy by chance. A little over 15 years ago, while working in an art gallery, he began to experiment with the art of lettering while handwriting invitations to clients. The individualized gesture such as a beautifully handwritten envelope helped make the occasion special and enticed people to want to come. He discovered his dream occupation and soon the aura of his elaborate writing caught the attention of the fashion world. 

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Unistella - Nail Jewelry

The nail Revolution has arrived.

Nail trends come and go, but I have a feeling this one will be here to stay for a while. Because when you see what “the cool kids” are wearing nowadays, you’re going to want to join in.

If you follow Park, you know that she’s a fan of the minimalist style, and the gorgeous pieces in her new line definitely reflect that aesthetic, as well as the wire nail designs she made famous last year.

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What exactly is Le Musée de la Main?

Over his years of medical service, Verdan collected hundreds of items related to hands. These items included paintings, sculptures, tools, and hand-related writing. This gave Verdan the idea to open a museum, thus he started his foundation in 1981. The first exhibition took place at the Musée de l'Elysée. However, the foundation struggled for over 16 years to find a permanent location for the museum. Eventually, after some help from Verdan’s good friend Maurice Muller, Le Musee de la Main was established in 1997.

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Find your good luck with Ellen Weinstein's recipes

The hand illustration is from Coco Chanel. French clothing designer and icon Gabrielle Chanel was deeply superstitious. She was informed by a fortune teller that her lucky number was 5 and she named her signature fragrance accordingly. She presented her collections on the fifth day of May (the fifth month) for good luck.

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Understanding the Handshake

The handshake was depicted for one of the first times in a ninth century BC relief, and in early literature by poet Homer, who spoke of the action in Iliad and Odyssey. These early indications were using handshakes to speak of pledges and displays of trust. Similarly, in ancient Rome, the handshake was a symbol of friendship and loyalty, and on gravestones was used to make the eternal bond between the living and the dead. 

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yad cheriYad Cheri, Inc.
Nail Art: Symbols, Trends and Artistic Connections

Many people may think of painting their nails or going to get their nails done as just a way to pass the time or to add a pop of color to otherwise monotone hands.  But when you put the time in to have your nails done by a professional artist, someone who values and respects their craft and offers you an artistic gift, you will soon see it is far more in-depth than simply choosing from the season’s top colors.

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Murano - Venetian Handcrafting

Glass blowing artisans may use modernized tools today, but the essence of working with glass remains an ancient art. The technique can be traced back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq). Throughout history, the basic knowledge and techniques of glass blowing have been highly coveted, and at times, held sacred by only a select few.

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Azzedine Alaïa’s Magical Touch

The Tunisian-born couturier Azzedine Alaïa enjoyed his role as an outsider in the world of fashion.

Always dressed in a uniform of black, he ignored the strict fashion calendar of seasonal collections while tirelessly upholding the traditions of haute couture. From his first show in the late 1970’s to the last one just before his death in 2017, Alaïa’s work has always generated excitement and respect.

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Pedro Friedeberg & His Hand Chair

Pietro Enrico Hoffman Landesman (as was his given name) or as he was later known as Pedro Friedeberg, was born in Italy in 1936 to German-Jewish parents. At the age of three, Pietro and his recently divorced mother fled Italy at the onset of the Second World War and settled in Mexico. 

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Pasionaria : Joana Uchôa

An old used up shirt covered in stains belonging to her father was the spark that lit the fire to Joana Uchôa’s creativity. She went out to buy fabric paint and reveled at customizing the shirt by covering the stains.

Since that moment, Joana has spent time browsing through thrift shops searching for the pieces of clothing that inspire her to develop her customized styling and hand patterns.

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Native American's Hand Concept

The highly complex Native American Indian culture was based on a religion dominated by rituals and spiritual connection with nature.

Several beliefs were illustrated in various symbols such as the Hand symbol. Their clothes, tepees and most of their belongings were decorated with these symbols depicting their achievements.

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