H/And vol. I Collector by Anne De Vandière book

H/And vol. I Collector by Anne De Vandière book

  • Collector book

  • Anne de Vandière. Paris, France.

  • Hand-shaped

H/And is a story of encounters, a story of hands. French photographer Anne de Vandière's encounters. The hand you reach out with, the hand that explores, the hand that touches and is touched, the hand places itself at the heart of all communication. The hand is without a doubt one of the most ancient symbols used by Man. Most probably the first...

This touching beautiful volume gathers a selection of photographs of people from all walks of life whether a renowned chef or an inuit sculptor or a navigator. This exceptional gallery of portraits of these people and focuses on their hands that reveal so about each and everyone of them. The hands speak for themselves. Hands don't lie.

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