Grey Hammam Hand Towel

Grey Hammam Hand Towel

  • Hand towel

  • 100% cotton 

  • 39.00'' x 19.00'' 

  • Ottomania. Handmade in Turkey.

  • Yad Cheri’s category : For the hand

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More Details :

Wonderfully supple and soft these hand-woven hammam towels are
made of good quality hydrofoil cotton and absorb moisture easily. They are lightweight and easy to pack and are ideal as travel towels on a boat, for the pool, beach, gym, sauna or simply for the home.

Cleaning tips

pull the knots of the fringes of the hammam towel before washing (the first time only). We recommend before use to place the hammam towel in cold water for 12 hours & wash a first time at 40 degrees. Doing this will make fibers stronger and the absorption better. It also reduces shrinkage.

Wash your hammam towels with similar colors and at 60 degrees & tumble dry. Fabric softener is not necessary and we advise not to iron the hammam towels as this will tighten the fibers and them less absorbent.

They can also be used as tea towels for the kitchen or even as guest towels.



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