Gift Box 9 Mini Soaps

Gift Box 9 Mini Soaps

  • Assorted scents

  • gift box : 9 soap assortment

  • 1.8 oz net wt

  • Claus Porto. Made in Portugal.

  • For the hand

Beautiful Gift Box composed of 9 soaps from Claus Porto's Deco collection, each with a unique fragrance and design.

Blended with shea butter, these colorful soaps draw on the dramatic designs that first made Claus Porto’s name in the early 20th Century.

Claus Porto built its name with its hand-crafted soaps infused with fine fragrances made from ingredients taken from Portugal’s lush countryside.

Claus Porto’s Deco assortment makes a bold statement, with charming, patterned labels. 

- Voga evokes the perfume of Acacia Tree blossoms and sweet Tuberose
- Elite combines citrus Bergamot and Tangerine with Cedar and Sandalwood
- Chypre is a mixture of Blackcurrant, Vanilla and Peach with notes of Jasmine and sweet Lychee for a nod to the Orient
- Alface blends Almond Oil, Honey, Orange Blossom and Vetyver
- Banho lathers to reveal a fresh aroma of Lemon and Verbena
- Deco has green overtones of Basil and a warm base of Vetiver and Moss to represent nature's calming influence
- Favorito is bright and floral, like strolling through red poppy fields
- Madrigal incorporates notes of Rose, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley
- Cerina is a woody, clean scent inspired by Mediterranean Pine and Sea Moss

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