Stone Bird Paperweight

Stone Bird Paperweight

  • Stone bird

  • Aji stone

  • Paperweight

  • Aji Project. Handcrafted in Japan.

  • Yad Cheri’s category : Handmade

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More Details : 

Handcrafted in Japan from Aji stone in the shape of a bird. The fine luster, elegant beauty and shape define this beautiful ornament.

The Aji stone is produced from a region in Japan located in the east part of Takamatsu.

Its characteristic coloring and feel of mass have been valued since ancient time, and has been called the ‘diamond of granites'. 

The stone industry in this region of Japan has a long history of about 1000 years since the Heian period. The entire mountain of Mt. Yakurigoken (八栗五剣山) consists of the layers of granite. The stone produced in this mountain is specially valued. The high-grade granite Aji Stone has been contributing to the regional economy in stone industry as well as in the fields of culture and art.



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