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« My motto is keep it simple & chic ».

Charismatic Artistic Creator and General Manager Sally Perrin sets the tone. Founded in 1893, Rigaudy-Perrin was France’s premier purveyor of leather gloves for the major Couture Houses.

In 2009, the family owned-company relaunched as Perrin Paris and extended their expertise into a collection of luxury leather handbags & accessories. At that time, Michel Perrin, the French-born CEO and his American wife Sally together with their daughters Chloé & Emma, relocated to southern California from Paris.

The newly launched luxury line of handbags and leather accessories revived the multigenerational family business by combining the finest quality skins with highly conceptual design. Brother, Henri, oversaw the Perrin tannery in Vietnam. Although Michel's family history in the leather-glove business extends back generations, Sally & Michel Perrin opted to relaunch the brand by introducing a line of handbags to compliment the glove Collection.

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Many of the accessories from Perrin Paris are designed as an extension of the hand or arm which is why Yad Cheri loves these bags. The reference to gloves in the design of their purses sets Perrin Paris apart and allows the brand to be identifiable. The brand’s signature glove clutch symbolizes the label’s historical DNA. It was inspired from men’s driving gloves at the time of vintage cars.

The glove clutch gives the right amount of edge to any outfit and is a fun accessory day or evening.

Their collection showcases leather "Savoir faire" and tradition with a modern twist, creating a timeless piece.

Not only is Yad Cheri is thrilled to include these beautiful pieces in our selection but we are also proud to have Perrin Paris as a partner. With this collaboration, we celebrate the hand once more thanks to their unique interpretation and sense of style.