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When writing a feature on a Yad Cheri partner, we always ask what in their view, does a hand symbolize ? Rosanna Contadini founder of Neò is no exception and her response was spontaneous « the hand symbolizes the work done by Neò ». 

A little over 10 years ago Rosanna discovered Neoprene, a light weight plastic fibre in a hardware store and intrigued by the texture, challenged herself into knitting the yarn which thus produced her first item, a handbag. 

Neoprene, commonly used for gaskets or competitive swimming wetsuits, was to become her signature material. Waterproof and corrosion resistant yet velvety, smooth and soft to the touch, Rosanna transforms the yarn into an elegant and contemporary home and women’s accessories collection entirely made in Italy. 

Sourcing the best Italian material, Neò produces high-end baskets, handbags, cushions and jewelry which are knitted, crocheted, woven or plaited.


The Neoprene Queen explains that for her,  the ultimate expression of creativity is the hand.  Her production is handcrafted by a team of women based in Rome. « We have a group of women hand knitters and knotters who turn the yarn into decorative accessories. These women work from their homes. » 

Neò’s artisans are stay home mothers or women who wish to  complement their day job salary by knitting in the afternoons or evenings from their homes as they watch TV after dinner. Each piece is made with care. Rosanna Contadini personally visits them each week and keeps track of her production this way. 

Her creative inspiration comes from her love of design and contemporary art. She aspires to create modern pieces and minimalism is the key word. Her favorite pieces from her collection are the baskets that are not only functional but also combine contemporary aesthetics and traditional handicraft.

In her most recent collection, Rosanna combined the neoprene yarn with natural hemp and wood which was a success. Her clients loved the combination of natural raw and industrial materials. 

Yad Cheri is obsessed with her round baskets which are part of our selection available on our website. The different sized baskets are multi-funcional and add an elegant touch to your room or living area.

The smaller sized baskets can be used to place your remote control or to hold guest towels. We love them as planters for orchids or for presenting fruit and bread.

Rosanna Contadini’s journey is inspiring. Her creativity and entrepreneurship are the perfect demonstration of how challenging yourself can lead to success.