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Mercedes and Elena Zubizaretta





A new dimension was given to the famous design adage « Form Follows Function » when Mercedes and Elena Zubizaretta launched their handbag and travel goods line in 2012.

As experienced travelers, they knew how unpractical carrying bulky handbags or luggage could be. Finding the right sized lightweight bag was not an easy task and finding a nice looking one even harder. So Mercedes seized the opportunity to make herself the very first canvas pouch that she later gifted to her sister Elena. The girls felt there was a niche in the market for lightweight canvas bags, and the Zubi bag was born. Mercedes and Elena have never looked back since.

Born and raised in Madrid the two sisters have combined experiences in Business and in Interior Design. Virtually overnight, they launched Zubi Design which targets the active woman. They keep in mind the woman who travels, who works, who studies or raises a family. 


Each design is simple and functional, each product’s size and shape has been thought through. 

However, comfort and lightness are not the only features of this line. The Zubi bag is easily recognizable by its signature themed photographs that are printed on the collections.

Elena and Mercedes select the pictures from their personal archive keeping in mind the emotions they wish to convey per season. Picking a picture from their travels determines the theme and the color of the season. They format the picture by editing and making it fit the dimensions of their bags.

Once the pictures are selected, the girls print the fabrics whether on top quality Spanish canvas, tweed or leather and purchase the components of each bag. In the workshops, the Spanish artisans handcraft the bags by assembling the fabric and the components. The Zubi girls are very proud that they not only contribute to sustainable economic opportunities for local artisans and entrepreneurs but also produce a 100% handmade Spanish product.

Even the packaging is made from recycled carton for the boxes and recycled fabric for the cloth bags. 

Mercedes and Elena tell us that their biggest achievement is to have been able to sell in just 5-6 years to more than 15 countries around the world. They have connected through their line, with the women they had thought of when they created their brand in 2012.

The connection has really been made with Yad Cheri. We love the warm colors of these practical pouches and duffle bags and the inspirational travel themed prints that are an invitation to discover new horizons.