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Siblings share an inextricable, one of a kind bond. They are close yet different, sometimes they can even read each other’s minds. Ilena & Maria Kokkou are the perfect example of this sisterly chemistry.

They took this unique connection a further step, when they joined forces to found their Koku Concept brand in 2011. Trust, complimentary skills and a shared creative language define this dynamic duo.

Ilena explains « We both have a creative background with different skills. We are a great match and are lucky to share similar aesthetics »

She goes on to explain « Although we have split, defined responsibilities, we always end up sharing our thoughts, ideas and tasks together ! »

After studying and working in London for several years, Ilena and Maria return to their homeland of Greece where they launched their living essentials brand. Their common love of fashion and interiors is expressed through their collection. They aspire to create high quality, colorful and playful accessories interwoven with Greek lifestyle. 


The Kokkou girls operate their studio from their hometown of Athens where they create practical everyday products that bring vibrancy to the home and add color to your wardrobe. Their collection covers a range of products from beach bags, beauty pouches, panama hats to trays, pillows, boxes, bowls and beanbags. 

Acrylic is one of the many basic materials used in their creations notably for their wonderful tray and box collection.

Charming colorful plexiglass « cut outs » are used as decorative ornaments on the bags and beauty pouches from the sibling’s fashion line. these little decorative ornaments take the shape of lips, eyes, flamingos or cacti depending on the theme of the season. Over the years, the plexiglass « cut out » stitched on the bags and other pieces has become a koku concept staple.

Colors are an important element in Maria & Ilena’s designs. « We envisioned a line that is colorful, joyful which can be used in the city or on the beach. Colors that will make you smile »  Maria explains. Each detail from the zips, to the pvc pullers or the printed fabrics, is hand sourced and of quality.

Ilena & Maria work with a team of local artisans that produce the handmade collection. They put a lot of attention to detail and take great care in the production. Each piece of the collection is individually hand sewn or mounted in Greece and the Kokkou girls are very proud to produce a Greek product.

Yad Cheri is completely under the charm of these lovely lifestyle essentials that truly reflect the charisma, good humor and talent of designer sisters Ilena & Maria.

We are very pleased to bring to New York City, a little bit of Greek sunshine to your lives with Koku Concept’s happy fashion and lifestyle collection.