Like her famous namesake, the French poet Jacques Prévert, Coralie shares a love of languages.

Coralie Prévert moves from Paris to Parma in Italy as a student, where she adds Italian to her skills. Her goal at that point was to become a translator. Gradually, her 12 month stay in Italy turns into 12 years. Her goal changes and a new career option surfaces.

After graduating from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan in Textile Design. Coralie joins Versace and later Roberto Cavalli, Working for major brands was not only a challenging and an enriching experience but was also an opportunity to meet amazing creatives. 

But the need to experiment and to express herself without commercial constraints, became more and more impelling and she decides to return to Paris and to begin something new.

Once back she designs her own scarves and by 2015 the Coralie Prévert brand was launched. She has not stopped working since. The following year she adds a selection of beautiful printed kimonos. Just recently, in January 2018, a new wallpaper and fabric collection were introduced to her collection which she launched at the prestigious Maison & Objet Paris fair

Not wanting to restrict herself to fashion, Coralie Prévert now enjoys exploring the world of home decor and hopes to collaborate in the near future not only with rug companies but also with tiling manufacturers and design home textile creators. The sky is the limit.


When speaking about her brand’s future, Coralie quotes the Italian saying 

« Chi va piano va sano e lontano » (who goes slowly goes safely and far). She explains « It’s sometimes difficult to manage all the various aspects of running a small business. One has to handle not only the artistic side but also the commercial aspect without forgetting production. You have to constantly switch from one to the other. So I take everything step by step. »

She goes on to say « I am intuitive and feel that if I like something surely someone should like it as well ! »

Coralie finds inspiration everywhere around her, depending on her moods. Some days she feels that there is no way of creating anything new since everything is already out there. Then suddenly looking at a building, viewing a painting, noticing a shape or a colour, inspiration returns with a bang and her creative juices are flowing once again. 

Art Deco, music from the sixties, the designers India Madhavi and Charlotte Perriand never fail to inspire her. Inspiration also comes from the shape of letters, words and the detailed descriptions from French author Emile Zola's novels. Words, language, expressions are part of Coralie’s universe. 

Yad Cheri is very pleased to introduce Coralie Prévert's poetic scarves to our customers which will give an artsy touch to any wardrobe. We hope that like us, you will be charmed by Coralie Prévert’s words.