As we were preparing Yad Cheri's launch and searching for our selection of products, We came across French photographer Anne De Vandière’s beautiful prints dedicated to hands. We loved her approach of highlighting the hands of different persons and writing a few lines on each of her encounters. As we did more research we discovered that she too, had a fascination with hands and focused much of her work on this subject.

We reached out to Anne and asked to meet with her. She accepted our proposal and several weeks later we caught up with her in Paris. We were welcomed in her charming studio located in a peaceful impasse at a stone’s throw from the busy hustle bustle of the Arc de Triomphe. It was rainy that day but once we reached her front door the sun made an apparition.   

Facing us with her lovely smile Anne began to tell us about the importance of the hand in her work and how it has always been a central theme. Each of the photographs featured in the books she published was made to the rhythm of her random, exceptional or improbable encounters with people from all walks of life.


Having ties to the world of fashion, Anne also came to photograph the « Petites Mains » or artisans and seamstress’s hands who work in some of the most emblematic French Haute Couture Ateliers in Paris.

From Yves St Laurent to Chanel or Christian Lacroix, Anne photographed methodically and with much beauty each set of hands working tirelessly to produce their magic away from the catwalk spotlights.

Anne De Vandière went on to speak about her most recent project entitled "Tribes of the World"  where she decided to leave journalism and fashion behind to travel across the 5 continents and explore the world. During this time she met several tribes from far away regions and began to learn about them. The communication and the transmission of their know-how was expressed through their hands. Anne's lens focused on hands once again. This time to give these tribes a voice and to help them touch a wider public. She contributes still today to make us aware of the endangered lifestyles of these communities thanks to exhibitions that are organized around the world exposing her work. 

Having shared with Anne our vision of Yad Cheri, we asked if she would agree to collaborate with us and bring her interpretation of the hand to our unique website. She smiled warmly and agreed to be on board instantly even adding :  

 « Don’t know why no one ever thought of doing this before ! »

Photo credit : Studio Ledroit-Perrin.